Interim Associate Dean, College of Social Sciences
California State University, Fresno

Bernadette Muscat is the Interim Associate Dean for the College of Social Sciences at California State University, Fresno and is involved in several Student Success Initiatives on-campus including leading the College Advising Center, Sophomore Peer Mentor Program, College SupportNet Program, encouraging faculty/students to engage in High Impact Practices, and Graduation Rate Initiatives both within the College and across the University. She works extensively on ensuring students have access to courses, graduate in a timely manner, curriculum redesign, and pathway programs to streamline pursuit of post-baccalaureate education. She is a leader and advocate for the use of data for administrative decision making, course scheduling, and student success. She has worked with law enforcement agencies, victim services, and court programs for program and policy development, evaluation, research, and training to ensure effective administration of victim assistance. She has written, presented, and provided professional entry level and advanced training nationwide on topics such as domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, trauma response, elder abuse, victims with disabilities, workplace violence, underserved victim populations, and campus oriented crimes, research, and policy development.