Senior Director of Data Science, Education Results Partnership

John J. Hetts is the Senior Director of Data Science at Educational Results Partnership and a member of the California Guided Pathways Advisory Committee, the Multiple Measures Assessment Project research team, and the statewide AB705 Implementation workgroup, and a Complete College America Fellow. Formerly, he helped lead the statewide Multiple Measures Work Group (as part of the Common Assessment Initiative), provided implementation support for the Student Transcript-Enhanced Placement Study (STEPS) conducted by the RP Group, and was the Director of Institutional Research at Long Beach City College during its implementation of multiple measures-based assessment as part of its Promise Pathways program. Building on twenty years of experience in instruction and research in higher education, his work focuses on identifying untapped potential in educational data. He received his doctorate from UCLA in Social Psychology with a specialization in Measurement and Psychometrics and holds a B.A. with Distinction and Honors from Stanford University.