Senior Research Analyst, Merced Community College District

Luis Enrique FloresLuis Enrique Flores began his career in institutional research over ten years ago and is currently a Senior Research Analyst with Merced Community College District (MCCD), serving on several committees, including Shared Governance and Institutional Review Board (IRB). He also works on a variety of community college initiatives, such as student equity, guided pathways and Leading from the Middle.  Outside of community college life, Luis Enrique has participated in various leadership development programs in and out of the Central Valley. He has served on several boards, advocating for and committing to community-oriented social justice, including a planning commission, school board and the Valley Land Alliance (VLA), a non-profit promoting ag land and open space preservation in Merced County. He is a graduate of UC Berkeley and the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania. Luis Enrique, a proud cachanilla, enjoys slow food, Latin American art and community organizing/activism.