About Us

California EPFP is a joint initiative of the Center for California Studies and the Education Insights Center (EdInsights), two policy-focused centers housed at Sacramento State. The Center for California Studies helps to strengthen democratic governance in California by preparing people for public service and leadership. It also assists California’s public officials and policymakers in addressing the state’s challenges through policy research and productive dialogue. EdInsights’ mission is to inform and improve policymaking and practice for K-12 education, community colleges, and public universities. EdInsights’ portfolio of applied research, evaluations, and capacity-building initiatives helps to inform the curricula, speakers, recruitment, and other facets of EPFP.

California EPFP builds on the respected and effective national EPFP program currently operating in 9 state-based sites across the nation. The national EPFP has built cohorts of diverse, well-equipped education professionals for over 50 years. California EPFP is tailored to help emerging leaders address the state’s unique education policy needs.

California EPFP Leadership Team

Leonor Ehling

Executive Director and California EPFP Co-Director

Center for California Studies

California EPFP Team

Danielle Pitts

Administrative Assistant, EPFP

Dr. Marcela Ramirez-Stapleton

Program Manager, EPFP