California EPFP provides a comprehensive approach to knowledge and skill-building among Fellows. The program comprises the following elements:

Weekend seminars

Participants attend three intensive, mandatory weekend seminars in October, February and June. Each seminar focuses on selected education policy issues, drawn from a custom-designed curricula. Fellows will lead and facilitate discussions with state and national education experts, explore topics in small groups, and build intra-cohort relationships through informal conversations and activities.

Research projects

Between seminar weekends, participants work on team research projects and continue interacting via webinars and other distance technologies.

Washington Policy Seminar (WPS)

In addition to the three intensive seminars, participants have the opportunity to attend EPFP’s national Washington Policy Seminar* in Washington, DC, which allows Fellows to (a) network and interact with education leaders and other Fellows from 17 state-based sites across the country, including cross-site, cross-organizational, and cross-role configurations; (b) meet with their respective delegations on Capitol Hill and other stakeholder groups that are relevant for their state’s needs/issues; (c) acquire a comprehensive understanding of federal policy processes and their impact on states; and (d) understand the core political, ideological, and policy considerations that shape the federal role in education, with a particular emphasis on the executive and legislative branches.

Alumni Events

California EPFP alumni have access to periodic events and other resources that keep them connected to policy discussions in California and across the nation.

Program Cost

Financial support from the State of California and generous philanthropic grants cover most of the California program costs, which include curriculum development, materials, and travel/accommodations for participants and program staff at seminars. California EPFP Fellows typically pay a program fee of $875. Full or partial scholarships to cover the program fee are available to participants whose employers are unable to pay. Our goal is that no deserving applicant be unable to participate due to financial limitations. We will notify applicants of their scholarship amount upon acceptance into the program.

Note: Due to the global pandemic, the EPFP elements (including the Weekend Seminars and Alumni Events) are subject to change excluding the Washington Policy Seminar. Please direct any questions to